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Hemp Oil Lip Balm

3 Tbs coconut oil
1 Tbs castor oil
1 Tbs sunflower oil
1 Tbs hemp seed oil
1 Tbs beeswax
1 Tbs honey
Essential Oil to taste (I use peppermint)

Melt the wax, and coconut oil together (I use the microwave) Add the honey and heat a little. Stir constantly and add your sunflower and caster oil. As the mixture begins to thicken add the hempseed oil and your choice of essential oil. STIR CONTANTLY until it thickens.

As a side note,a study was done to see the impact of the chemical THC (found in marijuana and consequently hemp oil)on a person using cosmetics made with hemp oil. The study concluded that, "no significant transdermal uptake of THC would occur even in a worst-case scenario of highly compromised skin, full-body application of hemp oil." Read more here:


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