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Now that low carb lifestyles are in the mainstream of American society, we are seeing the large candy manufacturers stepping up to the plate with some tasty Low Carb candy and chocolate options.

Best Recipe Source has tried both of these candy options and we are happy to report, they are delicious (and a great substitute for the real thing).

First of all is the new entry, Hershey's 1g candy bars. They come in plan, almond and soy crisp (Hershey's recently added old favorites to low carbing like Reese's). The retail price is $1.29 which seems expensice for a candy bar about 1/2 the size of a regular one. Some people are finding them for .50 each (a more realistic price we think) at their local supermarket or superstore.

We have tasted the plain and almond, and these chocolate bars have a real chocolate bar texture, and a sweet but not too sweet flavor, that is clearly a Hershy bar. Each bar has 4 sections, and we tested them on kids and they were a big hit.

The best part of the Hershey's 1 g is that the net carbs are only 1 gram, from real sugar, and a whopping 7 grams of fiber per bar. If Hershey's can get the pricing down - these are a hands down favorite, esp. for anyone carefully watching your carb intake.

Next is the Russell Stover Low Carb Candy. These come in individually wrapped candies in a bag, at about $2.79. We like the price, but be careful, a serving is 3-4 pieces and can have a carb count of around 17 grams or 4-5 grams of carb per small piece (depending on the flavor you select - it varies). For South Beachers, these are a nice treat; you can have 2-3 and stay under 70 calories for a treat allowance. BUT if you are seriously counting carbs, these candies can put you over the limit fast.

These candies have a pleasant taste, not too rich, but definitely have a sugar substitute undercurrent in flavor. The chocolate is a little brittle, but the fillings are tasty. Our favorite is the Pecan Turtle - mmm mmm.

For those of you sensitive to it, the maltitol in these candies can cause stomach upset, bloating and/or gas. That might keep you from eating too many. But when the urge hits these candies fit the bill.


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