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Homemade Atkins-Type Protein Bars Recipes

  1. A "scoop" of protein powder is generally 1/3 cup
  2. Feel free to substitute other artificial sweeteners for those cited, especially in those protein bars that are not baked.
  3. Protein powders are pretty much interchangeable. Keep in mind, though, that carb & protein counts vary by brand and flavor, so your end result may differ from the original recipe.

1 square unsweetened baker's chocolate
2 Tbl butter
2 Tbl heavy cream
3 pkts Splenda
3 scoops (1 cup) Chocolate whey protein 1 cup chopped nuts of choice
1/2 cup unsweetened coconut
2 Tbl liquid, any of the following, listed in order of preference:
Sugar Free Syrup (Davinci, Torani), maple syrup, coffee, water

Melt chocolate and butter in micro 1 min; stir until completely melted. Add Equal and heavy cream and stir until creamy. Add protein powder, peanuts, coconut and stir till mixed pretty well.

Add liquid of choice and mix thoroughly. You may have to knead with your hands at this point, as mixture will be very stiff. Line a bread loaf pan with plastic wrap and press in mixture firmly and evenly. Chill till firm. Cut into bars. (This recipe should yield 6-8 bars. Approx 5 carbs &/15 grams protein per 1/6 recipe.

7 scoops (2 1/3 cups) Chocolate Whey Protein 1/2 cup melted butter
4 oz cream cheese (8 protein;4 carbs)
1/2 cup walnuts (10 protein; 5 carbs)

Melt butter & cream cheese in microwave and stir until smooth. Mix in protein powder. Stir until mixed. This will be very thick and hard to stir. Add chopped walnuts and mix. Put in a greased bread pan. Chill. Cut into 8 pieces. When firm, you can wrap each piece in plastic wrap and store in fridge. Yield: 8 generous bars. Protein per bar: 17.5 Carbs per bar: 2.43
These come out chewy and look like fudge. They don't taste as good as sugar fudge, but the taste is still good. Much cheaper to make than buying Atkins.


4 oz cream cheese
1/2 cup butter
1/4 cup sugar-free peanut butter
1/4 cup SF vanilla syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp coconut extract
1 cup chopped nuts (optional)
2 cups Optimum Nutrition protein powder (vanilla ice cream flavor)
2 cups Designer Protein powder
(vanilla praline flavor)

Melt together in microwave: cream cheese, butter, PB. Add syrup, extracts and nuts to cream cheese mixture and mix well. Stir or knead in the protein powders. At this point the mixture becomes quite sticky and difficult to mix thoroughly. Press with your hands into a greased 9x13" baking pan, cover with plastic wrap and keep in the fridge. Yield: 20 bars Carb counts: Without nuts: 48 total
(16 from fiber)=2.4/bar
With nuts: 60 total (28 from fiber)= 3/bar


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